Municipal Engineering
Buildings Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau Office Building Nanning Municipal Public Security Bureau Building Huaian Public Health Building GreenTree Inn (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Beijing Chaoyang Square Tianjin Dagang Oilfield Housing Corporation Lanzhou City Real Estate Building
Cement Arongqi Mengxi Cement 5000T / D Projects Jinan Landscape Group 5000T / D cement production line Jiangxi Evergreen Cement Company Limited Lanzhou licorice Cement Company Limited Red Lion Cement Co., Ltd of Jinyun Jiujiangxin Landscape Cement Co., Ltd of Jiangxi Anhui Runji Cement Co., Ltd. Jiamusi Hongji Cement Qilian Landscape Cement Co., Ltd of Lanzhou Yonggu Ruijin Cement of Jiangxi Hubei Jinlong Cement Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Fuping Cement Co., Ltd.
Electricity Comprehensive Office Building of Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau Huanan Longyuan Wind Power Co., Ltd in Heilongjiang Huitengxile Wind Power Project of Huadian Inner Mongolia Luopo Hydropower Station in Si Shi City of Hubei Province Tao’ergan Power Plant of Handan Phase II Project of Huaneng Huaiyang Power Plant Shanxi Huozhou Lighthouse Plant Shaoxing Masan Cogeneration Nanshan Power Plant of Nanshan Group Wuda Power Company Limited of Wuhai Huadian Phase II Project of Power Jiaxing Plant Yuhang Power Supply Bureau Zhongcheng Cogeneration Co., Ltd. Of Shaoxing Datong Power Company Limited 2X300MW of Qinghai Huadian Huarun Power Co. , Ltd 2X600MW of Anhui Fuyang Datong Energy Group Co., Ltd of Shanxi Jiangxi Fengcheng Power Plant 2X600MW Yichun Xing’anling Wind Power Co., Ltd of Heilongjiang
Municipal Engineering Beijing Metro Line 2 Baotou Airport Expansion Project of Jiangbei Embankment in Nanning Shanxi Datong Airport Beijing Zoo Transit Hub Project Beijing Temple of Heaven Phase II Project of Hunan Xianing Port
Shanghai SUIN Electric Co., Ltd
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