Commitment of Product quality and after-sales service

Commitment to Product Quality Assurance

1.Supply-side guarantees that all equipment to be provided is designed and manufactured comprehensively according to relevant national standards and enterprise standard, and tested by perfect quality testing devices, and has passed ISO9001 quality system certification.

2.Supply-side promises to be responsible for the quality of parts and equipment purchased from other company. They assured that procurement were carried out in strict incoming inspection, and ensured that they would offer quality certificate, instructions for use and inspection reports and other relevant information.

3.Supply-side promises the equipment being new without being used, and it is made by first-class workmanship and materials. It is in full compliance with the regulated quality, specifications and performance requirements agreed in the tender documents and technical agreement depending on the advanced technology and beautiful appearance. Supply-side also guarantees that they provide proper installation, normal operation and maintenance for the equipment on site, and ensures the satisfactory reliability during the period of its useful life.

4.Supply-side promises to be responsible for any deficiencies or malfunctions, which is caused by design, workmanship or material defect.

Commitment of After-sales Service

1.According to the request of the demand-side, the supply-side can invite the relevant personnel of the demand-side to the scene to participate in factory test and acceptance.

2.Within the guarantee period of the product, supply-side promises to provide the demand-side with required spare parts.

3.Supply-side will select professional engenderers and technical personnel to assist in equipment installation, commissioning work on scene until normal operation of equipment according to the time requirements of demand-side.

4.After normal operation of the equipment, the supplier promises twelve months quality guarantee period, and to ensure the maintenance within the lifetime of the equipment. when receiving the need of the demand side, the supplier ensure to reply within 24 hours and send a professional service personnel to reach the scene. If there appears any damage caused by product design, materials or workmanship when the demand operates in the required manner and method, the supplier will be responsible for free repairing, replacing some parts, as well as replacement of new products.

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