Shanghai SUIN Electric Co., Ltd is one of Shanghai high-tech small and medium sized enterprises. It is a professional company of setting research and development, production, sales and service in one. The main products of this company are high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers, high voltage equipment, inverters, transformers, wire and cable, and low-voltage switches and other products.

Shanghai SUIN Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Lane 200, No. 1739 Shen Du Road, Pujiang Town, Shanghai. Now it has VS1-12 series, ZN63A (VS1) -24, ZN28-12, ZN12-12, VNP-12 solid seal pole, VSM -12 permanent magnetic actuator series, ZW8-12, ZW7-40.5, ZW32-12, ZN65-12, ZN12-40.5, ZN85-40.5 series vacuum circuit breakers; high Voltage has KYN28A-12, XGN2-12, KYN61-40.5 etc. All products are strictly observe the relevant technical requirements of the GB, and other products in order to reach domestic leading level in terms of the company's manufacturing capacity and product quality assurance capacity. In 2007, the production and sales of ZN85-40.5 series vacuum circuit breaker is more than 2000 million, all applied in the enterprise miner, electrical equipment, office buildings and power plants, etc..

We always adhere to the development pattern, whose business purpose is “do our best to achieve mutual benefit and profit" and the approach of being faithful in operating, making scientific and technical innovation, depending product quality for survival, being customer service oriented, taking product sales as network. After years of development, the company has gradually built a complete quality assurance system and passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification. The company independently developed the office OA software system, realizing the share of information and data and making it possible to record timely and completely about the production of various departments in the contract, which significantly saves the cost and improves efficiency. Until now, the company has achieved a long-term relationship with many customers both at home and abroad.

Company is one of voltage switch branch director units of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association. The company has sophisticated production equipment, advanced processing technology, perfect detection means and reliable product quality. Taking manufacturing quality appliances as a starting point, the company devotes to provide users with the highest quality products and the best services.

Shanghai SUIN Electric Co., Ltd
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